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Besides UI and UX design, the last couple of years, I’ve worked on some branding projects. Logo’s that fit the company’s values and catch the right target audience with their appeal. Timeless but modern, sophisticated but practical. Let's first have a look at the logo's and at the end you can find some more explaination.

YOJO Travel is a travel agency for teenagers and young adults, so the colours and the appearance of the logo speak to it’s target audience. The shapes in the O express not only vacation because of the pal tree but also freedom (the birds).
Mons Fashion is a company manufacturing jewellery and other accessories, with a target audience between 20 and 30 years, mostly female fashionista’s, hunting for the last affordable trends in the industry.
OuiSale is a start-up company selling gadget’s and media accessories, mostly the rare one’s that are not available in the other shops, like USB sticks for your iPhone.
FestivalShit is a webshop where you can buy all the shit you will ever need at a party, from a Jigsaw masker (a must have!) to earplug’s for the more shitty festivals. The concept of the logo is party all day, party all night. So the gradients represent the day and night and the logo it self represent the sun and moon. The not-so-perfect circle signify the fact that not everything has to be perfect, as long as everyone is having fun.

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